Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fishing for Thoughts...

You have so many different faces innocent, crazy, beautiful, lost, playful, smart, courageous, afraid, silly, dependable, graceful, spontaneous, naughty, loud, quiet too, observant, a painting face, sweet, and green eyes, and freckles, and polite, and teacher, and sexy, very sexy, and soft, so soft, clever, strong, super fun, flirtations, adventurous, yet simple, so many more words that you are, than your not, you ignite me, you drink too much, sometimes, and then you have a face that doesn’t rememeber anything that happened, that’s whats scary bc I know you’re a lady and I want everyone to see u as a lady like nobody to be messed with like the force like the wind something nobody can mess with somebody that can be respected. She lives in a microscopic word. Shes childlike but shes. Like a mother, care more about me than anything and it would be like a knowing of equal, giving and sacrifice and energizing moments energizing each other to like , your like fantasy come true, like a make believe girl, but it depends whos around hahahaha man bc it depends on that who she becomes. Like a camelion slightly, gently. Angelic, and omg where to begin, how do I begin with that, its like when you don’t have a can opener and you have to use a knife, its like inside there is a huge like kinda like this like when chemicals react and cause kinda like a sun. and theirs words there and they say like um, you cant read them, you feel them and so its its its very strong and then around that is like an astroid belt like Saturn, but its not Saturn, and those are all thoughts, of floating rocks that are thoughts, and the space inbetween the rocks that’s where the truth is, when my thoughts don’t get in the way, but don’t write this Tammy.

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