Friday, September 26, 2014


People are scared about what they really think, they block their flow of certain thoughts, they cloud their silence and stuff it with music so that they can't hear themselves.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A baby Buddha...

The answer lies inside of me. The question is what to do? With not enough time to do everything I want and so much I want to accomplish! My latest idea is making chandeliers... I really want to make a chandelier! Like an up cycled thing or an old one that I can add things onto. I would like to learn how to weld. From that I would like to create art installations and maybe even an art car but large scale or larger for now is something I want to do. I'd like to weave a huge wall sized material the way I make my chain bracelets to be almost like a curtain... I see the panel sides being that size... I can do it! I rather have some help of course and it is more fun that way. I want to make a lot of things so I guess for now I'm doing things in smaller scale and getting really good at it so that I can get the material for larger soon. I also started working with leather this week... I have tried out some interesting tools that can puncture and it's all by hand... The next step for that is to buy beads. Everything costs money and materials are expensive and I also got ripped off by a guy... (He said he would give me my money back, I gota go back there).. I want to volunteer, I want to help out in a farm and get dirty and use my hands, I want to live by the beach in a warm place  and feel like I'm part of a community. I want to help ppl. I want to create events and gatherings and teach ppl how to make things and collaborate with interesting talented ppl! I want to meet people and make more friends. I want to read books and write poems and take pictures and sing to the birds. I want to drive w wind in my hair through a wheat field. I want to sit under a tree and laugh at nothing.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So FaceTime...

Hi, so eventually u might end up running out of shit to say... Or you would hope so cuz you want to keep things fresh LOL. Why is it the first day of fall some place and the hottest day of the year somewhere else? Is technology bringing us together within the distance of time that seperated us before we became so close so now so true so now so FaceTime. So here so he so here so her so FaceTime. So FaceTime. Thank u. So,

Wednesday, September 10, 2014