Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Darn Dandelion!

Really funny day today... turns out I cant make a sculpture for the life of me...

I was trying to make a DEAD DANDELION sculpture and it looked more like a cake on top of a lamp than anything.... then when you turn on the lamp for a "glowing effect" it turned into an alien looking thing!!! IM NOT KIDDING...

I was stressing this sculpture quite a bit bc though I pictured it to be an important part of my installation I was in fact making things really far fetched for myself. I mean, Ive worked with clay and Ive made all kinds of things like paper mache masks and origami beautiful pieces and also with wax and sewn a shit load in fashion, from pillows to whole outfits but Ive never worked in METAL and I needed something that wouldnt BURN.

I bought mesh, feathers, paint, spray paint, styrofoam pieces, casting stuff, glue gun, special non flamable tape, all types of sticks from metal to wooden etc.... I always had a feeling it would look crafty and probably kitch but I wanted to try at it and see what would happen, sometimes I get very lucky. The whole flammable thing got in the way of what I would have initially done.

So, even though my Dandelion didnt work so well I will still have my version of a beautiful sculpture with reference to a dandelion in the middle of my installation... it will be more simple, more me, more beautiful and their is still lots of work to be done tomorrow for that.

Its all very exciting ;)

With all my LOVE.

It's Time ...

Been taking my Cindy Crawford pills but haven't been sleeping home much so I haven't been using my Cindy Crawford face cleansers and lotions but I feel better than ever. I have been planning out how I'm gona get this sculpture done and its been difficult to find what I need but now I have another idea that might work. Was at Home Depot then Michael's and now I will go to Peals, Utrecht and JoAnne Fabrics to get all the supplies sorted. Went to Tatiana Blanco's studio to see what she thought i should use since she makes sculptures w wire and metals.

Lot of fun stuff happening this week for Basel!! Super crazy week here every year... I wish they would extend it all to 2 weeks instead of have so many incredible events and art to look at in a span of basically 3days!

My stomach ache is gone, my pinched nerve is gone, its a beautiful day and I am feeling GREAT, I have energy, I slept really deeply, and so now all I have to concentrate is on this sculpture... but once I get on a roll it should all work out and get done... hope it is absolutely beautiful for you all to see.

Excited to use my hands and get dirty again...

You can do this TAMBO!


Monday, November 29, 2010


heres a sneak peak...


Yesterday I had a fabulous lunch at WYNWOOD KITCHEN & BAR
totally recommend you check it out... its full of incredible contemporary art in the heart of Wynwood and will be a very important spot on the map in the area during Art Basel Miami! The food was flavorful and fresh too! Also, notice the uniform for the staff ! Its all so exciting.

Yesterday I had a pinched nerve from my ass all the way down my leg to my toe supposedly caused by stress... ITS CRUNCH TIME FOR THE PROJECT!!! (I have a stomach ache today) lol

Thursday Dec. 2 @ AWAREHOUSE
550 NW 29st
@ 6pm

I hope to see u all there! :P

Saturday, November 27, 2010


im so happy to be safe man... so happy to be safe! so crazy out there! thats what i think. now that the blog has become whatever it is IT was just Thanksgiving and I just naturally feel thankful tho, like i know im not saying things right n punctuation n whatever but whatever :D

ok that smile was a bit too big for right now

so i pour my heart out right....
n for what?

i have no idea.



im really cool tho i promise... the problem is that i always make mistakes cuz i dont have .... ??? lol//// >>>>.... haha..... no!

bc i know i will have to deal with whatever it is that i put myself thru... u do it to urself... thats way better than so many other things.... i am guessing u think im a bratt... well not even... bratts do what they have to do bc they wont suffer later for their mistakes... bratts HATE THAT MORE THAN I DO! LOL
i dont wana say anything that is gona spread something nasty i think a bratt would.

why r we even talking about em?

im trying to think of something i wana write about and i cant, cuz ive been practically nalyzing myself n im not inspired to speak! im in a time capsule...

im looking for a hat hanger now... my mother is going really like idk man like really into all this stuff n its cool but omg im like so claustrophobic!

ive heard it all ive heaaaard the animals n each call and they arent crying

Erykah Badu is really amazing shes like an animal.

Ive been wanting to write on here... ive been feeling like im letting this lil white beautiful box down! NOOOOOOOOOOOO...... i am like in a different world right now but i really wish i had the house to myself... i would just be more relaxed, thats it, i would do anything. O
its one of those anxiety days. im so over these anxiety days but they wont go away no matter what i do. and i can spilllll my guts to u right now and that still wont satisfy me when i rest my head on a feathered pillow. DIDNT TELL U I HAVE PINK HAIR YET BUT IF U READ THIS UR PROB ON MY FB

(i really cant stand myself)

so im getting used to the pink hair but u know that... i had to do it! i had to! i wanted to! so bad! I also dnt think im a good writer whatsoever but

your kisses could be replaced with tears.
and whats a girl to do?
i would LOVE to fly away.
and those kisses at night... can never really be the ones i will allow to b felt by my skin. im in limbo n i learned that thats where babies go when they r inbetween places... like they die too young... wtf.

i dont wana talk to a yogi, i dnt wana talk to a doctor, or a preacher or even a parent.... i wana talk to someone that can make me feel better instead of tell me what it IS... i dont care what it IS anymore. i dont think its worth trying to figure out anymore. i was the crazy girl w pink hair last night... i cant see my pink hair! i cant see it!! lol but they see it if they want to... so whos it for? well, i guess them but they dnt even appreciate it and im already thinking to go dark next... i dont wana talk anymore i dnt think that i think. their r really precious things that r out there n they shine n u wana touch them but im not one of those things... im always dancing and its bc

i DONT want u to think that im make believe, im real, im a real person, im so real its like i just dont get what is going on here tho! i dont get this shit, i dont get it man, i dont want to either. i try and try and try and i still dont . ok so the open drawers the colors r like fireworks but not and i see sooo much crap its all i see i love this songgggg and NOWWWWWWWW .....


u say u love me...

i cant even talk about love, i will throw up! ive been talking about it all night!

i want to have a boyfriend already,,, i want to stay home w my boyfriend and thats IT. i dont wana DO anything. i wana WORK and get it DONE n i wanan be DONE,,, no more energy to dance all around everywhere w pink hair lol like ??? OMG. dont dwell TAMBO dont dwell!

nobody really cares. so we keep skipping and hopefully on that yellow brick road and u could even bring a bucket of paint w u to make sure NObody can find u.... u can... but come onnnnn tambo..... seriously.

nobody cares lol ;)

nothing to really care about!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't loose all ur marbles...

Ok so I FOUND A SPACE!!!!!!!! its like someone let all the marbles spill!!! they are bouncing all over the place soooo happy! from big bounces to little itty bitty dribbles... as the scatter the entire floor.........................................

Its a good feeling, like a release, like an explosion of energy in a cute way, no fire and nothing breaking... now imagine ur one of the marbles and u see all your friends bouncing as other marbles with their own positive energy... all of you up and down and little by little getting your senses back and remembering your just another bouncing marble in the area... another shiny lil planet.

I want mine to be iridescent, ive always said thats my fav color... it has every pretty color in it like pink and periwinkle and baby blue and even a tinge of emerald green depending how the light hits it.

every marble is a different color, thats what sets them apart, they have personality, they have people that they attract... a little blond girl might pick up my marble and maybe not the black one. An old bald man might pick the red and his wife might like the purple.

Just taking things out of context.

I believe in energies too...
-i love yours.


Don't LOOK.

I felt like someone has been looking over my shoulder... I've felt it, I felt that, its been so... u knew that.

I'm happy to be home and getting things accomplished.
I still don't have a secure location for my project... so i'm feeling like a floating option, like a planet... i have a rotation and i am on a path and each planet has each his own path... so when the rotations coincide for a moment or more and relate in a rhythm, they take a ride-

the silver sparkles are smiley
turquoise and fuchsia colors make me happy and i rejoice.

i am not the rainbow...

I have my days.

I am never a rainbow in one day and if i was, u'd be terrified.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get 'er' DONE.

Just got home... the Pandora thing I wanted to try didnt work because they are too new, oh well, I love my Chromatics radio anyway ;) It's almost Thanksgiving!! I can't wait to see my grandparents actually, they make me so happy... their mentality is so simple! Like, is that how it used to be or is that what happens when u get old? Their like "Dont worry about it..." lol My Aunt Linda's dog had puppies too, I live puppies, I love her mashed potatoes too.
Its another beauuuutiful day out too! The sun is beaming and its warm, I wana go to the beach but I have too much to do right now... trying to find a gallery to show the project Ive been working on! Awarehouse said they would give me ONE DAY, Dec 2 because they wont be open the entire time... They had a plan but it fell through so now they will only be open that ONE night... I dont think its enough days to do all that work! So I'm looking into other possibilities... everything feels so last min! I hope it works out because I think it would be a cool installation to see and I know I would never forget it, even if it wasnt MINE. Before I keep talking about it, lets keep working on getting it done and up somewhere... thats my goal.



Ready for a GREAT day! :)
Been listening to Labyrinth Ear this morning which sets me in a good mooood to start the day... music does wonders on me. My fav is Navy Light but Wild Flowers is coming in a close second... I'm gona type them in Pandora and see what comes up with a similar sound. But right now have a million errands to run...

Stay Positive!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hanging out at a friends house...

photos by Hugo Lopez

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Somethings I need to keep things to myself right? Well, I'll try to hold it in... I am having a painfully bad day today. I want to change my phone number. I keep getting annoying calls from strange men and letters from jail and IVE HAD IT! I called the operator to see if I could block a phone number from calling and they said I had to pay 4.99$ a month! why would I have to pay that to have a phone number stop calling??? i want that number to stop calling!!!! and I have to pay THAT! SO, they gave me a free month once I activate it which is another mission in itself to go online at my account blah blah blah and then I have to DEACTIVATE it lets say after that month when they get the point to stop calling me! Why when I ask PLS STOP CALLING ME DO PPL NOT GET THE POINT!? Im so frustrated! I also had my makeup stolen from out of my purse AGAIN, I tried to go to the salon just now to touch up my color and it was closed... arent salons closed on Mondays? it was just down the street but the sign said OPEN and then I parked, got out of the car and it was CLOSED, how bout that? My other friend just got married, its already like her second time! I havent even had someone I'm interested in in like 5 yrs!!!!! Ive had a lot of fun, Ive met a lot of people, I've shared good times and made good friends but nobody I picture myself to be serious with, no. The world seems like its moving right by me. Like im stalled and instead of like the rest I'm like a picture, like a photograph, like time paused in a capsule and everything that came before this seems like a dream and everything that comes after seems like a fantasy and all I keep getting is more sad at the realization that everything is so hard and sad, that the trueness is that everything dies around me. That life=death and that I rather live in a bubble when I said I never wanted to... but a bubble would protect me from whats out there bc i see everything as danger, as hazardous, ppl want to use u, want to bring u down, ppl want to get me drunk and watch me get old and ppl want to steal from me and its all about driving around in your car and spending money to refill your stupid tank when we shouldnt even be using gas and oil and its disgusting when Brazil uses corn for Gods sake! and these stupid cars speeding and running over my dogs and then I have to bury them across the street and then stupid ppl keep asking stupid questions.

It would be nice to try something new and adventurous right now.... I really want to go sky diving. I want to feel a huge rush like that. How could we throw ourselves out of planes?? LOLOL its hilarious! wouldnt u say?? I rather think of that than all the other stuff i just mentioned,,, sorry,,,, just had to let it out!

I want to go do a pilgramige and walk for miles and speak to Yogis and drink their magic potions and meditate and do exhilirating things and sweat out all the hate. I think our society is a piece of shit and that cops are all corrupt and perverted. I think that the ladies that run the jails are rude and hate their lives and that the lowwest of the loww ppl that go to jail deserve a more positive experience so that they come out with a clearer head than they came in with bc they are getting POURED back into our society and they are worse than they were when they did something wrong in the first place. I think that jails should be like SPAS and should play music and be happy and if they would use pencils and pens as weapons that at least they should give them paint to finger paint a wall or themselves and then they could laugh. I think they deserve warm water and some respect. I think everything is about money and it makes me sick... it makes me want to live on a boat or an island and give up on being a part of this at all.

Think about little naked babies running around and their little butts and their little smiles with no teeth! Thats what we all were at one point. Why cant we understand that and remember that when we deal with these issues in a court room LOL why cant everything be more pleasant. Why dont i want to get out of bed? why cant i fly like a butterfly? why cant we go back in time and fix our mistakes? why cant i have a whole room full of puppies with out having shit and piss in their too? hahaha why cant i do endless kartwheels with out ever getting tired? why does everything have to come to an end? why dont i want to hold your hand? why do i put myself through so much agony? why cant we all be happy?

I still want to dye my hair PINK,,, I think it'll be fun. I think it will make me happy to look in the mirror and look like a sanrio character LOL

I am tired and i feel the gravity on my face and shoulders! how do pretty delicate flowers not feel that too?

I dont want that much, i just dont want to cry anymore, i dont want to be so confused, i used to be so strong and confident and now all I want to do is help people bc i feel for them, i dont even want to help myself! I already know what to do and all i can do is try and all i can keep looking at is the bright side and all i can ask for is the sun and the Earth to keep moving and the oxygen to keep flowing and to take a simple breath and when i release to let all the bad stuff out and take another breath in and pretend it smells like gardenias! and slowly let it out and think of my heart and how I mean well and that everything in life will be ok and things will turn out and happy that AT LEAST I CAN DREAM.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sanrio's 50th Annivesary Celebration!

in MIAMI!!!
December2 11am-6pm
December3 11am-9pm
December4 11am-9pm
December5 11am-7pm

Small Gift Miami
173 NW 23rd Street
Miami, FL 33127

and i heard they will be doing FREE Hello Kitty tattoos! ;)

Feeling Ugly, but don't u know IM A WINNER?!!!

Watch Me Tamper With U...

First photo is of friend Lucy with a grumpy face lol 2nd pic is of a fashionable boy on the street outside of BAR and last pic is the Flowers all tampered by yours truly. :)

The LONG Skirt...

The beautiful life...

Ok so since I keep being told to stay positive I wanted to share this with you all... because it gets me really excited and strikes an arrow through my heart... one called LOVE!

Its Sophia Loren's villa in Italy via crackheadmag blog

What is this?

Can someone pls explain this to me?! I find it so disgusting! I love how Lady Gaga does her creative out of this world looks, i love how she uses herself to be the face of the most mind bending images of today, she knocks walls down and does it well but sometimes somethings are a bit too much and not the good too much... did she not look in the mirror? Is the stuff that looks like shredded styrofoam really necessary on her face? maybe a little scattered on one cheek but come on! Now, I wana know what she has to say to explain this avant guard look she looks so ridiculous in, bc maybe she got in a fight with her makeup artist! maybe its her enemy and she doesn't even know it yet. LOL

By the way...

Im about to eat an entire bar of dark chocolate :)

Right on Que...

Sad but true... some girls blog.

Flowers are coming along...

Their's been another set back... oh you know nothing this hardhead cant take. I have break downs and melt downs but I forget everything once I sleep it off and feel brand new again. Thats why I think God must be on my side... I'm stronger than most feminine girls bc I'm always starting over... I'm always forgiving and even though I dont really forget what happened the exact pain is never carried with me. Its hard to let things go but somethings sometimes are more than easy. I dont feel like I'm getting at what I want to actually say this time. Some people have better luck than me and some have it worse but once things happen to us we all have the fact that tomorrow is a new day in common. I think I have writters block right now. but I have to fight it... I have to reach at what it is I want to say... I have to solve this mystery bc the truth is its been a few days where Im now a little bottled up. Its been an interesting mix of good and bad to happen lately... Im feeling good about where I am though bc I understand and know now more than ever. I feel like even though Ive dissapointed too tooo many people all for different reasons but whatever maybe thats all the same.... that I'm more at peace inside knowing that I have something special to offer. I'm not pretending like I could to be something I'm not. If I feel like crying I will because its just how i feel and if nobody is going to understand, i dont care... but I can give u anything u need, i'm not perfect but I give miraculous advice and I will listen. Not everything in life is beautiful u know, not everything is, thats why I like ying yang bc whatever is ugly has beauty to it... like polution is sad and ugly but its making us all work together more to clean up our Earth otherwise we would all just make a pig stie! Some people have deseases and that not fair... its to make sure we all treat our bodies like a temple and take care of them more. I dont have the answer to everything but I know that not everything is beautiful. Heck, today I looked yellow! ha! yes i swear i looked fuckin yellow today! i need a manicure, my nails are all chewed off from stress with this project for Basel... my nails look like the shapes of black little countries ive never seen before... my index nailpolish looks like Australia my right thumb looks like a tiny United States LOL my left pinkie is sorf of like the boot of Italy with an extra long heel. I'm only 26 but I feel like I am almost in need of a facelift! LOL I got in trouble the other day... I got in huge trouble... so they suspended my drivers liscence. I'm thinking thats a good thing so that ppl can now drive me around since I've always been the designated driver for as long as I can remember!!! So this will make me more of a lady... and I wont have the control Ive always felt I needed, I'm gona have to let someone else hold the wheel a bit, i would have never allowed it if i could still drive. I still dont want to drink, i still do. I want my hair to grow so i can make long thick braid. I have a lot in mind to get the project done and Thanksgiving is around the corner to get in my way ;) but it IS the perfect time to say THANKS! not the perfect time to get fat and lazy with all that food around though!! LOL Can u believe not having a Thanksgiving? well, think about all those countries that dont have that beautiful custom we've got! I think we should think of 365 awesome words and each day be about doing, thinking of one of them,,,, Like Thurs is about giving Thanks, Fri should be about giving someone a massage! sat should be about going on a diet sun should be about going for a long walk! LOL or something like that... maybe we can all pick our own words and in what order and do it every year, like a simple goal a day to make your year more pleasant.

I just got off the phone with a few people... I feel like my moods go up and down in a matter of seconds! wtf! like depressed, then im fine then im laughing then im sad... too weird.

flowers are coming along...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gypsy Rose Lee...

"I wasn't naked," she insisted after being arrested for indecentcy. "I was completely covered by a blue spotlight" Gypsy Rose Lee

Planet Venus...

I met some "People From Venus" a couple days ago... the things they said were gentle and kind and u can look at their eyes and see their souls, we should be more like that species. They suck in the evil and breathe out hearts and little birds with mohawks are their best friends. When they have a good thought a star falls from the sky and they can eat spicy food with like this Earth girl.

People from Venus are really nice and sing pretty songs, you should really try to go there sometime, for now u can go to their other home right here...

Check out what they think of me... ;)

Ahhhh... The Life...

looks so so nice...

Little Fortune Big Meaning...