Thursday, April 28, 2011

idiotic, YES.

And like a constellation, your "lunarr" like a chocolate chip, edible, the most perfect place between your cheek and your nose, it balances with another one slightly lower and leaning more diagonal on the other side of your nose... it makes me feel safe, like the Mayflower indians and the bake sales at school and the gymnasts in the Olympics and the treasures Pirates talked about. I beliv=eved in RUBIES for the first time ever... I imagined myself in one... like infinite love and you got further and further until i forgot you and you were gone. I then saw yellow, golden light, and it turned blue then green and then it was bright white and i sunk into the ground like quichsand but instead it was doughey cake and i couldnt get my feet and hands off of it... and then like a previous nightmare i will never forget it became the stickiest sticker like so sticky its disgusting and waxy pulling your hair off when you try to get off it but it also attatches to you and it tsretches and your TRULY STUCK... and so you SINK! unfortunately u sink... into Taffy like texture and soon you wont be able to breathe... so you fight and you kick and you sprint those legs like running from the cops after you made a booboo maybe you knew too... anywhoo... dude! you take OFF!!!!! Running... you find a really cool thing... its not cotton candy, its not temporary at all, its really sturdy it tells you the time, even the year, its dec 21, 2012.. ok whatever you go back to be yourself,,, and feel more connected, more centered, more alive, eager, content, in harmony, in allowance, in coordination with, in justification with, in rotation with, in your head but only what is, is, is. Is what is. Is what we will know while ordering eggMcMuffins?? idk should i chose a side? no... why? idk>>>! bc why? they will use it against me in a court of law...and so .... forget it... just be a lost person... roaming???.... NO!... ok, so then what? idk! ok, so then what do u want to do?...idk,,,ok,sothen what do u like????nothing, who are u anyway?, nobody, who are u? nobody... but your retarded...omg but your saying that ur retarded retard so ur so dumb... yea i guess, just likeu... why do u say that? um cuz u just r... yeah but why? idk u just r... but ur annoying so why do u think that? i dont know i just DO! Yeahhhh butttttt whyyyyyyy???????? IIIII DDDDDDont KKKKKKnoWWWWWWWWWWWWW whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYY if i did i would tell uuuUUUUUUUUU.... im just a child... does that help??????????"? cuz if not! call my MOM! IDIOT!

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