Sunday, January 29, 2012

Styling a life...

Been slacking on my blog... busy editing videos and pics from shoots and pulling clothes and need to go grocery shopping Pretty Bad SOON Lol... having a cup a noodles as we speak... yea so BAD i know it has like 260 calories and 13 grams of fat! THATS SO MUCH! more than Ramen Noodles by Far..
Oh so been all Instagraming now... Lol... yea took a min to understand the thing and its cool... now I never go on FB anymore.
I looked at my old Myspace page and that was WEIRD and now I Need to go in and do a nice EDIT the past clean swep to just make me feel better but I've tried w Profile pics and its like I cant lol.
Just watched "What Miami Girls & Guys Say" and that was pretty funny, I laughed out loud but I forgot exactly which part... "Tiki tiki tiki, i cant".

Went to the Kabbalah Center here in Beverly Hills with Paul on Friday night for my first Shabbat dinner... well besides the ones at his moms house every Friday when we lived in Miami.. now since we have been here in LA I always forget or we are swamped with work and it something I'm supposed to light candles and prepare a meal at home but comes Friday and i just want to chill and be spontaneous... IDK.

So was going to style Jasmine Ash for a shoot this Friday but it got pushed bcak and now they want to book it the week I plan on being in Vegas for Magic! I told them before I got the job that I would be away that week and now it seems like thats when they want to do it and they want me to just prepare for them some solid looks for them to shoot... I have always thought of myself to be there for the press pics photoshoot and making sure things look right instead of just passing over my responsibility of the clothing I may be pulling from wherever or at least maybe even some of my clothes that I dont wear anymore but have kept bc they make perect things to play with style wise like eclectic vintage dresses and tops that are expensive! and maybe even delicate. Every time I have been faced with something like this where I give the clothes I should be handling over to some one else I get slapped in the face w a sorry or an excuse for how something happened to something or something dissapeared or watever... it happened last week at a shoot where the client wanted to carry some accessories from the car where I was with all the things for a shoot and walk the next look over to the model and guess what? an earing is gone! who knows where? in the sand... dug up in there somewhere... SO ANNOYING! i hate losing stuff, I try to be sooo organized and my job entails me to do so and to keep track of so much shit that is constantly being shifted into different piles for different reasons.

Its a labor intensive situationa and NO i do not have an assistant and im scared who will be one day bc I have to have another person to rely on doing things right... I myslef, know, when i do things right and I can be assured of that!

Today I spent all day inside editing and making a video of an intimate wear line with an Old Hollywood theme which Im VERY PROUD of how it came out!! :)

We have to make a flyer of all the work thats come out of me being here to take to Magic and promote ourselves and I read this morning that I would make an excellent Promoter LOL bc -my rising sign is in LEO (and so is my moon, and my Sun sign is in AQUARIUS.) Paul's sun sing in LEO moon is in Sagitarius and rising is in Aqurius...
I have to read about his moon at some point ;)
I love all that stuff so much lol

Well, I think Ive said enough for now...

I plan on sharing about my RAW FOOD WITHOUT COOKING CLASS im doing Monday night at Soho House LA excited Paul is coming too lol i hope its not all weird women LOLOL

Tambo xxx

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