Monday, February 21, 2011


I had a great day today... worked on my movie called "Magic" we are editing it and its already 10 mins long! i think it will end up being about 15-20 mins long... that's pretty long!!
Its my first real movie... like watching it get edited on Final Cut Pro type stuff n all, but its very low budget, i mean we shot it with an iphone! :)
Paul shot it mainly, we wrote it together and Hugo is who we are working with to get it edited, he graduated from UM's film program.

So anyway, we worked on editing as we do usually these days and later I had a dinner with Panda Paul's family at Houstons! It was his brother Ari and his gf Pixie, their Mom Yvette and the moms sister Alegra from Panama... we talked about UFO's and weird stuff as we usually do... lol

After that we went to Alegras house which was this lil cute spot in "the white house" i always wanted to know who lived in there! haha and later Yvettes and we all pitched in to help build a new IKEA table while 3 lil dogs ran around all us :)

When we left, as the two brothers and their gfs rode back south, home... we mentioned to Ari and Pixie where we usually stop on the way from "moms" house... its a hidden lil outdoor bar called "Lou's Beer Garden" where we eat this crazy spicy secret thing called "THE CURE"

We have it every Friday actually on the way back home from Shabbat dinner at Yvettes home over by Bal Harbour... a super cozy home with 3 dfferent types on windchimes in the side entrance, her 3 lil doggies Shanti, Dutch and Princess... she lives there with her youngest, 3rd son Steven. Shes very spiritual and always talks about the craziest stuff I have ever heard LOL all very spiritual and interesting yet STRANGE haha

As we raved about "THE CURE" and walked up to our regular Friday spot we sat at the bar and I ordered my regular "banana bread" beer from London... Paul orders a Pale Ale but he usually gets a "Father Theodore" stout...AND "THE MOTHER FUCKIN CURE"

BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This time it was RED and usually its in fact GREEN!

-I eat it anyway.-

(OH by the way my back was killing me and Alegrita gave me an anti-inflammatory pill earlier!)


O boy

I run to the bathroom and try to puke!

they gave me tomatoes w salt and lime which they say is the "antidote" FUCK THAT SHIT! YEAH RIGHT! MY MOUTH WAS ON FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AND MY INSIDES WERE BURNINGGGGGGGGGGGG I felt so so bad!!!!!

They gave me water with ice and even a glass of milk,,, still with that pill, the two sips of beer I should not have drank, the spiciest thing in the world...

and VOILA!

when we walked to the car... I PUKED more... like a water fall! not one but two long, constant water falls!!!! straight to the groud from my mouth shooting out at full speed in light pink w yellow... praying it wouldnt get on my Pink Adidas Silver line wedges!!!!!

and THANK GOD after everything came out I felt GREAT and smiled and in fact wanted to straight kiss my boyfriend hahahaha

I warned him that my breath wasn't so so bad as he opened my door to the car and instead of planting a smooch on him I asked him to smell my mouth and he said what a good boyfriend says and said "you never smell bad baby" hahahaha

I decided I wouldnt kiss him only cuz Ari and Pixie would probably think it was DISGUSTING! bc I would if I saw anybody do that in front of me after that Niagra Falls scenario...


I showered and im sitting here on Pauls bed writting on the laptop eating spaguetti... my delicious Houstons fish sandwich remains on the floor of a parking lot... but glad I am feeling much much better. UUUFFFFFF! never again.

PS after all this UFO talk at dinner... while watchin tv Paul says he "hates" commercials... then we suddenly see a trailer for a new movie about ALIENS called "PAUL" hahahahahahaha noooo fuckin way! LOL so cool!

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