Sunday, February 6, 2011


so many things have been created... so much is great and our preferred topic...

but we also have these phone chargers that are all different all this "gobalization" separating us... the companies themselves creating things for consumers to consume extra to keep things running... things that should instead be ELIMINATED.

THE ELIMINATION is what will bring us together, what will save us all time and money to get CLOSER to one another... soooooo SOOOO MUCH TO DISCOVERRRRR!!!! we are pathetic.

things will die faster as a result, anger will spread, competition will be evil, ppl will revolt... things wont be pretty... its OUR FAULT.

so what about having clean running water!

isnt that BEAUTIFUL? shouldnt we say thank u and protect that type of stuff???

should we be picky about how well done our stake is or should we get off our chairs and protect this planet and feed the hungry by having an organization that picks up our uneaten food and delivers it to the homeless shelters from the restaurants... do u know how much food that would be for the starving??? if they choose not to eat it then we can be more confident in letting it go to waste, right?

i hate to be a preacher... i mean, who am i?

but i wish things could be better... comes from a simple thought at first...

strawberry fields arent forever bc each plant needs love, the ripe strawberries are hopefully picked off or then u have bugs feeding off the rotting ones... no? hopefully
hopefully you like strawberries.

or if lots of ppl love em and u dont care for thm then... better for u, i guess.

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