Saturday, February 26, 2011


so its minty... n ppl chiiilllll... they eat cheesecake n croissants n toast their baguette, unnatural but toasty, burnt a bit means black, blackened... this is really happenin' take the oney n run.. radiohead ; "IDOPTEQUE" i have a lack of punctuation, therefore things r whatever i juggle n they happen to land in my hand... like that.. ppl crawl n beg n r tied dwn n tortured,,,, not bc they think its sexy... but bc things r a bit out of control in some way somewhere... ppl hide in caves n forget what the beach w a pina colada in my hand feels like, not bc they chose it. simply bc they r trapped perhaps, maybe the letter they pressed didnt come up. maybe they were climbing up a staircase n the step they stepped on at that time had a bomb~! exploded!!!!!! or ur ust so talented that when u drew a silly thing everyone thought it was exceptinal xcept u know inside that what u drew it retarded compared to what u could draw if u TRIED!!!!!! IF U TRIED U COULD REALLY ACTUALLY MAKE A MASTERPIECE BC IF U MADE THATTTT U COULD DO SO MUCH MORE N WHAT ISSS THATTT???? WHYYY DO U FEEL AT AULT FOR WINNING SOMETHING THAT U KNOPW U COULD DO SOOO MUCH BETTER!

bc ur right! bc u can always do better...

bc ur already there

bc u have talent.

n me telling u is not making u make better ART!

so just


then make something.

but pls do... for me, for u, or the sake of it...

if not dont ever read my blog again!

UR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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