Thursday, October 20, 2011


We bought these shoes from you and they have given us multiple hassles!! When we bought them the zipper on the left shoe broke the first day. Then we went back and tried to return them w good reason... When we bought them try said they were the last pair tho so I insisted that my boyfriend just return them Period. But they magically had more pairs...another his size showed up after we had ten in hold an they promise us and insisted on it being the very last. Frustrated, we wanted to get them and leave bay crazy hectic store u get trapped infor hours! It was a mission to get there in itself besides the fact we were staying at a friends place on the West and that we were there for Raindance film festival & I convinced him to go in there bc it was for ME but of course they had a "men's section" and so when we were there the second one we were greeting by a really nice gentleman that saw us in despair (dis-pair, = having No pair (of shoes that is)) anyway... We were greeted into his magical image consulting styling d

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