Friday, October 28, 2011

Poem "Puddles"

Puddles splash on the curb as the cars ride by
Squeaks from the halt and then some.
The reds probably reflect everywhere in that darkness
the sounds more pronounced in this silence.
Somewhere the waves crash instead of the wheels, where the water is salty not so murky and dirty
A baby sound asleep dreams of Teddy bears.
Somewhere A woman dances alone
Near there, A puff taken from a pipe
Keyboards constantly clicking about throughout
And An owl howls
And we keep typing our thoughts into air
The air we breathe
And exhale a new thought
We were never there
It's just out the window
I can hear it all, the sounds surrounding me.
What's in your head if u don't let it out?
It just goes to waste but has a life
It seeps into another brain like telepathy
And we all feel it together
Our feet on the ground but our arms and hair like antennas
We share a common ground through this
That's why I'm sitting here trying to listen.

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