Thursday, September 12, 2013

Closed eye type

Songs in your head r interesting... 
Then credits projected after ur lil moment. 
You don't need to grow up, just be better cuz babies r us. I do it for the kids!!
The chanels I don't have need to disappear w a button. Complicate or lazy ass who just wants to make things non NON.. To get sales... Sell me something that makes sense already!
Or help me save it and sell me a trip... Something I can come back and say that girl at there is worthy of my effort for positive push in career and what least I could back which is reliable and consistant... I am cheating slightly by saying that... It's cuz it's what I'm lacking. But what I'm lacking and if u have there some talent then I can vouch for being a 

I don't like the home shopping network but I can see we have very little unless u buy the other channels... Don't even matter.
Matter of fact... 
Remote was an extension of me and since 3yrs or so now I am in a sort a revolt. I let the control be there, it's controlling to know its there, I won't control it tho.. But I control everything else. I don't like to control the music. I get so mad at myself... I don't have my hw done. U do. Get a life so u can be HAPPY! 

Right after I say happy and do another thing I look at happy n feel like it's not a pretty enough word... I take it back... I think happy is so cute and short and 

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