Sunday, July 8, 2012

I should take a pic...

Of the obstacles I go through... Like the GAP between the Lobby and the elevator I was entering to put my clicker next to a box and then press my floor. It doesn't matter what floor but the gap "mind the gap" they say in LONDON. It's a considerate thing to say and acknowledge when u consider the rapid doors made out of nothing human prob the opposite as they shut on ur backpack well what hap to the lasers we have to -oh wait--- time is money... The gap has a sign but the slamming doors everyone scoot in closer NADA NASA. I remember I was so SOO mad when I saw a space that ppl weren't scooting into and GUESS WHAT... U won't believe it... It was the guy w "no legs" from the movie Kids. That movie was so harsh and American I have to say but bc It had to be to have any balls to capture the real thing... It's exaggerated and makes u feel maybe uncomfortable or simply take away the rules of manners which in reality is what happened in so many groups of fresh faced young guys and the girls had no knowledge of how to react other than how it was "cool" cuz they were so confident about blowing stuff up and they were so likable and determined enough to put their bodies at stake for a huge jump that in text book land, didn't exist... Had no value YET. It was ballsy and that was impressive. I remember how the videos would show kids making a mess or blowing something up and I couldn't relate to EXACTLY THAT PART. I felt bad for whoever had or was gona pick that up... Somebody will.. It's a cool enough art piece as that in itself on its own actually... Picking up te pieces is a part of life we don't record, the documentary by Brazilian artist Vic Munoz is about the ppl that live off the huge maybe biggest mountain of TRASH and then he photographed them and then... Wait... He prob didn't know what he was doing next and MAYBE it was t his idea.. To re-create the image w trash like ART. It can't all be his... We all help one another and lots of ppl had to have helped him create or re-create all that he did. That's all I'm saying. It's in my genes to root for the under dog. I saw this scrap of a desk and I said the other day... "I can use this... Like work from bed.." and then I found the exact thing that was an actual design thing u buy that does the same thing exactly... It has pillows on the bottom for where u lay it on. Anyway, I always regret talking too much but it's where I think I'm beautiful and it kinda not hurts but it isn't what I want... To hold it all in... I think chairs look cool when u sit on them backwards and when somebody falls honestly or when a ton of something mistakenly fell in ur dish.. It's what paint does when u allow it to be. It's nothing that I really know of bc I'm not really GOD we just all have a part of him in us to believe in. Aap I said a map. A dollhouse doesn't have a master bedroom u walk into... It would make another cool idea of a backwards world... I still love that idea. It's simple, it's we walk on the sky like hopefully cuz perhaps, no gravity...but the sky is now the ground... The palm trees are rooted from the top, the roof now has a wall but ur feet go dwn endlessly... It's impossible for that to be but it's as simple as a square or a portrait of an old man u can sit next to. It's a lil journey of backwardness that is a joke but taken from reality just made into an extreme concept and why not... That s all I'm saying ere.
Why not create a thing u walk thru that is completely who cares. U walked thru... That's all.

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