Friday, August 5, 2011

Strolling through Refinery29 website...

The most interesting things I found.
in order of pictures...
1. A conversational sweater like this makes anybody's fall day into a fun one for everybody you cross on the street!
2. What I love about this look is the silhouette, the light-weight ironed shirt with a cropped sleeve instead of the usual rolled up sleeves. The mini skirt makes it feminine. The flats make it french and so relaxed I could get a lot done without braking a sweat and def noticed by your boss ;)
3. Marc Jacobs printed perfectly tailored pants look like a lot of fun to me, the baroque print makes them a real show stopper and I would pair them super easy n plain like a soft tshirt and scarf bc on their own they yell style.
4. This shape is so interesting as a vest! I'm trying to think if I have a coat I can cut the sleeves off just to recreate it... I think its super innovative and looks pretty simple to wear like it goes over anything to make an outfit look sleek so its not too heavy and wintery/coat-like.
5. These long skirts are great to see since when I wear a long skirt all I wana do it pull up the front part lol I'm thinking taking the long ones and trying the style tuck in the panties or pin to the inside of the skirt at hip line.

A lot of what I am showing is inspiring to recreate by cutting a sleeve here or altering something there... So many clothes are at our local thrift and vintage shops or in our closets. But what we should have in mind is what shapes are in and how to wear them... these images give me plenty to have in mind. Remember that what you wear is a reflection of who you are what you feel and nothing should be forced... all these are appropriate for most occasions and can be more or less dressed up and made more elegant with colors or accessories especially hair-do and make-up. I am seeing that they are all wearable, versatile pieces to add to my expanding yet minimizing closet.

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