Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bimba y Lola, shopping day...

Bought two pair of shoes at this store today.
I know that people in the world are starving and I do care about them and I do what I can to give back but this is my favorite store in Spain at the moment and as I walked around the streets where my father is from with my very generous mother which I barely get to spend time with anymore unless its work! We did what our typical mother daughter day consists of... shopping and/or eating :) We were so funny debating whether we should stop at a cafe and have tapas or browse the next shop. The streets were full of preppy couples and elders arm in arm and children in crochet outfits with big smiles all in an overcast day. We bought a few or more things at H&M and then I remembered I had to see how one of my ultimate fav stores in Spain was doing "Bimba y Lola" It was amazing and I fell in love 5x's but left with two things.

My family is gathered here in front of me playing the guitar singing songs, they are having me look up the lyrics to a song...
check it out...

Anyways, little love children I am going to rest so I can be up early tomorrow and hike the hills and take some photographs! I have spent too much time these days on the computer! working! Today was a nice release to spend shopping but I wish I ate less. :P

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