Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I just got off a plane again...

This is what I wrote while I was on it:

A program where if you previously ask not to eat on the plane instead you can give up your meal for a starving person to have it. The planes that go to that area send the meals that ppl gave up for them there. Most ppl are just choosing chicken or pasta bc they are asked, not because they are hungry. Many of us leave most of the food behind which goes to waste time and time again bc "nobody likes airplane food" well, I'm sure somebody in need of a meal would love to have it.
All the unopened crackers and cheese! I went to a cafe in LA where the man cleaning up was throwing away the unopened butters! So frustrating.

I also finished my Chelsea Handler book called 'My Horizontal Life' was a great fast lil guilty pleasure of a read. She definitely exaggerates things to make them more entertaining. It was so silly omg. I think I could write a book like that myself that's why I flew right through it. Catching a plane home to Miami now!! I need a vacation from the vacation, like wow.

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