Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pretty thoughts

Having my regular anxiety attack disguised 
I've blown up and I Wana shrink or even explode into tiny pieces that morph into a confetti piece w nothing to say. Not to try to keep any thing in cuz I want it out I can't even find it! I'm supposed to be different but what it is is what it is and besides "thank u" it's about a deep need to apologize for myself and it suddenly overwhelms me to feel how not cool that is and how trained our mentality could be. I have dreams that take constant work to make happen, a never ending creation that lives off love as fuel. 
The pain and sadness needs to go away entirely off this planet like are we even allowed to act like this? Like can't I be that graceful responsible woman? It's pretty to be correct. The music, attitude entirely. So many things gone out of wak from all angles and me too! I'm feeling like I can't see anybody and I want to hybernTe and I'm so tired of trying and behind or a like let down... These are my thoughts tho and I wish they weren't. I should try even harder I see and it's hard to say cuz it's retarded to think this should be said when it's not. I'm gona try to rest and feel the love at least I have for myself and wish u were here to help and I  will keep trying to be a light in this world.

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