Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In Reverse

I love the idea of everything reversible all the pants and T's even jumpers even the art for the walls have another option depending on what image u Wana portray the difference is everything must be sold w the hanger as option or best way to keep your things tidy.. That being the innovation and when u buy 2 in one your winning and wo more crap in your possession it should become addictive... Perfect for travel and all. The sunglasses have removable lenses for the option of having mismatched sunglasses as your own form of expression.. Then tjey come w the slender box to keep them separate and tidy which can be also hung on the wall. Perhaps the cover can be clear to create an advertisement for the friends n visitors or home decor photography (forgot the name of one I like starts w an "s"?) this is optional for shoes too, why not... It's part of our movement but we curate the colors perfectly on trend to excite ppl by impulse when they learn how more things are possible w the simple show design and simplicity is also what draws them in to buy a classic looking item the trend is less having to do w the complicated shapes.. In the end we wear what we wear and I can spice things up in other ways that hopefully take up less space and are less important to the majority of consumers. Art for the walls must have a dual picture... So come next week to see the back... Most likely a contradiction opposite or playing w your expectations and possibly the same exact image in a different color only... Like a rushed cause LOL bracelets have two sides even scarf and also a scarf that can be pulled inside out the way a sock to see a complete other color makes an excellent scarf. Materials are a must and no flaws acceptable . We know what is breathable and technology is allowing more access and immitations and combinations of textile that create the best option and this goes for the proper location and weather season. Miami is hot but cold inside everywhere more reason to sell the item to make ultimate comfort and success which is like charma for the store not charma for me even... This is it's own identity. We are the workers of the perfect cell that feeds us and allows us to create more great greater greatest ideas... It's OUR store... It's T-HAUS bc we owe it to the history of art and all their trials and errors have made us better artists w known circumstances we created rules and we are even allowed to break them bc they say this is too far fetched of an idea.. 
Reversible blankets pillows towels beanies it goes w our conscious method but that's not all I want transparency or things that w wear and wash they change and evolve and morph or change color.

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