Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thankful Things...

 a city is a trend I must say... Like Nebraska, London, 

What about hi Monday! Or 
Dear Casette,

Reality :)

Paul ( biblical)

Connecticut Rose 

Miley Cyrus is 

Winona 2

I'm totally joking just writing to explore as I go wo thinking and it's a Chanel I wish I could remote and spec.... 

My house is a huge homework to maintain and keep up w on it's own, can't imagine it getting complicated w what's meant to come but I'm a survivor more than anybody cuz maybe not that much but I wish I could so that I would mold myself into what it is, that whatever's missing. 

Have I told u that I'm trying to be successful? That I'm building up to something, that I should be somewhere else cuz wtf? Is this real? Sure it is but ppl r in different places in life, they are cuz 

Why do I even even say this? Maybe cuz it's not even THAT bad to say... Cuz since I'm going somewhere I'm just astonished that w all the ideas and talent, I haven't gone as far w it as I should have so I beat myself up about it. As I should! Or maybe not. But what is life then? Wo true communication, I'm built to expresss, not a song to rhyme, no set route to fame,.... that's very much part of the equation. I see how that affects the trust, how does one then go about getting investors? Ppl. Trust is bigger that u, I may b farther from it but what exactly makes u closer to it??? When uve flaunted ur flaws like it's empty, no audience, it is permanent marker what we all do at least when we intend it.  Others were more concerned w being better than who they really.?.
 stead of finding themselves in expressing, um, nonscence to reach a level w an echo that's a chase like dream.
Hello I'm still here.

Does it ever make anyone truly happy when bottom line that's all we want. 

Unity, forgiveness, a challenge ok but like a feather it's a natural thing. I'm not trying to promote this, it's pretty much embara- that's half way to say pregnant in Spanish... I'm not ready but...

Is it ok to just talk like this? Or is it not? I Wana know what isn't and what is.. Cuz love is shown in that way... Communicate means sex to me... Ok I'm done and I thank for being this masterpiece disguised as disaster it's a terrible look maintain as an individual when movements reinforce 

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