Sunday, August 10, 2014

Create a way to be proud..

If speaking and saying something some moment is too permanent to turn the page on why... I think maybe it should be more often... Maybe Free Speech is all for the ideas.. So that they can be spread and in the case u die we heard what it was. 
A baby blue lasso the color of a line to write on.. Why not twist the yellow margin w it and then write. I'm only saying... A blue line can also just be dotted. And maybe even be erased..  Why does it have to be permanent on my page when it's only a guide to write straight.

Thanks to all we have created we must keep creating what's best, w our knowledge of the past and problems we are so wise to invent solutions. To stop manufacturing what doesn't work. To take the junk that's made and make from it... That's enough we don't need more.

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