Sunday, August 17, 2014

Unsatisfied RV Owner wants Out of Situation! LOL

a dance of a bird, a keyboard worth spreading, the distance, between, my fingers, a glint of reflection, a weekend demanding attention, a baby w no defined schedule, a day and a night is this very session. how much money is really enough>? when thousands of thousands shrink pocket size delux. a limited time, a lie in my way, a cigarette flicked , oh what a day, your mother my brother your brother my mother, a penny a nickle and how bout a dozen? when ppl r rude its not unkind, a diff kind def and thats no funny mans biz, a retarded dumbass, a level of missing, its barely there tho, the government has too much of the power its not cool w us! How do u find urself worth fighting for? when all of u rather be draggin on the floor. Not realy just time is here for hustlin, u shouldnt waste a second and stop bragging. the ego of thee is as big as eeeee its going to go in w detergent. get me a ticket get me a ticket,,,, ne sw you will loose yourself i hope you really let go. letting go is power, power in a pleasure, im having my issues w trust... can i trust myself? sure i can... can I trust the Universe? not really. I want to trust. I rather be told that you need a fling every month than a disappearing act made new again. its not your fault, i love all the very many ways it can go. i wish i had an RV. lol. Money def motivates. I guess my time is limited too bungie cord! I never meant to do u harm. I gave what I had and I forgo what may b ahead. Having all these perfectly organized little manicured toes means your able to see clear even if only your most wanted child was born first and then demanded a dilusional imprisonment. I dont agree guys. I cant stand pretending im ok while others preach w power how my ppl are the worst in the world, like a devil, i just have to pour my thankyou like its a wave of laughing gas! im sick i=of liers. never dare come near. im too good for u. DID U HEAR???.

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