Monday, September 24, 2012

Nuts & Olives...

nuts and olives, a snack, making gifs, my new hobby, the new Instagram Its Sunday night. This week will be looney... Monday (tomorrow) filled with fittings, try to go to gym first, then a showroom, then pick up something at the dry-cleaner, pick up Paul and make vegan mac n cheese - Yes that's the plan. Tuesday I have to pull clothes, visit client to finalize the Jeans selected and make group shots styled for the locations. Tues night I will go to a 'rock' party... meaning look at beautiful precious stones and drink wine with some new friends who have a booth in a flea market where they specialize and sell stones... very excited. Wednesday no interruptions... SHOOT on Hollywood blvd... that night Im thinking to see Mr. Little Jeans play at Sohohouse in West Hollywood. Thursday I will celebrate and veg out before my fast Fri. Fri I am starting my juice fast! through Sat & Sun! So chill weekend.. maybe beach/hiking. Sometime then I will have a meeting to plan the next shoot :) Just thinking out loud. PS Hopefully they fix my AC & Garbage Disposal bc they r both broken for about a week now. PSS. Must buy a canvas for Palindrome project Start the projection idea... filming etc.

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