Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another day in paradise

Hi im back. im wearing a blue, royal blue, cashmere sweater, a lot of love in my heart and chest andface and everywhere and hair and love and everything and every and i will now keep moving on... i miss u] fuck i always say that!!!! I just type! i dont mean it towards anyone specific i just miss ppl i swear top God i swear i miss ppl that i dont even hve A face in mind! I have been like awayyyy from everyone! always tho... no guilt trip here AT ALL... i chose this... i am super happy! Guys I swear I am happy... I hate that u r all so confused about me lol. life goes on. like life needs a plug in w all this amazing shit and everyone needs to realize... im here and MOVE OUT THE WAY lol jk... im just over these ppl/... im gay now. now we r all gay and happy :) :) :) :) yay we r really are. I am such a bitch who needs to be fired... how am i still alive? No idea... i dont mean it... like why dont i have things to say? well i could, i do, i just do this,,, maybe to show u how stupid it looks like, maybe, maybe shit, darn. I ask the same questions.................. JUST LIKE THE ONE..... ACTUALLY SINGING>>>> AND THE DAYS GO BYYYY>>>> AGAIN ......NOTHING ELSE MATTERS>>>> NO MOREEEE>>> BABEAAAAYYYYY>>> SEEM BROKEN HEARTED>>>> seventeen... just like the... OOOOhhh baby babaaayyy oooh babaayyyy oooo go again TOMORROW yea yea hauntingly familiar fire melody nothing else matters actually singin

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