Wednesday, October 9, 2013

hello, i love u...

birds r in the sky... you know how i feel... ITS A NEW ... YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL>>>>>> Its a new dawn, a new day, a new life,,,...... I hope your feeling GOOD :) dragonflies, butterflies.... thats what i mean... this whole world .... FOOOORRRRR MEEEEEEEEEEEEE Think about it a bit.... its all yours.... do what you please PLEASE. Stars...u know how i feel all them things,.... u know,, i know, how i feel... a new day a new life a new dawn a new life for meeee and im feeling GOOD. feel it. feel feel good like a cat kinda I am supposed to be talking about things that truly matter, right? I know that. What r u talking about? with friends i mean? r u guys cool over there? lol i doubt it. i worry about u guys, u know... i mean if ur on point then i worry about how im not collaborating w u guys... you guys need to open up to color to stop being so constricted like a boa strangling your neck how bout that? u like that? u get that u might deserve it. who knows. im not imposing im not confused ive been ive grown we all move on your gay you know right? im talking to u and your gayness im not being mean... if u think i am its the problem that u will carry on whatever blog u choose to read. u need to let that go let the attack be and feel it like less of an attack... more of a love punch decide then how u want to interpret it now im gay... for getting u this thus far raf suht siht... almost almost so much energy and love is there ha love is stronger ha love is idk i dont think anything STOP im not on anybodies side im just perceptive im just thinking u guys r all REAL FAGS ;) Im such a bitch... thats why this isnt a REAL blog... bc i find that i rather talk to myself publicly than be like the way that is now depicted as suddenly making sense, ppl verbal dhiarrhea on fashion, ppl w who knows what story, ppl that r SERIOUSLY SEARCHING FOR ... (social acceptance?) when i read that I think of ME of course... like social acceptance also lies in the rebellion of certain things... i never copied anybody tho. i seriously suffer... from being a WACKO BARBIE DOLL... but thats just a silly way of putting it. I dont have all the answers but I rather express what i know than hear some asshole talk about shit im OVER hearing... ppl have a right do what u want im an asshole retard all the time but im just trying to figure out... figure out how much i love u. i figured that i have so much love to give and so much inevitable anger but not the angry kind... just a communicative I dont like myself as much as u might think. i make fun of myself i am a tool for fun times for absurd routes into the unknown... im ok im alive im just not gona do THAT that way bc now its ompossible anyway... but im too beautiful to stop. i need to SHUT UP NOW. this is the kind of shit ppl dont understand. im sorry. i am sorry.... i am sorry... Rhianna can suffer never having been sorry for shit... this girl will get it... IN THE ASS... then be sorry. sorry sorry omg fuck that bitch how retarded is that lesson... ok like dont be sorry for anything... its a part of the past... um no. sorry isnt a big deal... sorry is forgiving yourself... you must. I dont think im a genius. i am just a part of this generation. i believe u too, ur side if u feel stronger about it pls share it w me... im not smarter than u r. i think about u. i wonder i dont say shit and feel like im stepping on egg shells... thats something i just dont do BUT i am aware and always expecting a reaction i am listening. hello i love u.

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