Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wait A Moment.

My last post got deleted so I went on strike w the truckers... I haven't shopped since gas and I'm on empty but I'm not going anywhere, yet. I'm still in shock about last night. I went to a party finally (I never do) and I swept up the floors after as a favor... But bc I just had to in my BM nature kinda way. I am like that but I did it to a bunch of assholes who needed it in a way... I heard I'm sexually frustrated from some of those dickhead guys and that's exactly what makes my pussy tighter... The power to be like look and u all and how many dumb sluts u get, u ain't getting this that easily... I just think it's literally revolting to think about. It's so sad. It's funny. It's gay. It's whack. It's cheese. It's still not cool w me. I am like a punching bag for fools sometimes bc -everything comes back to u I guess- I also get so much laughter and freedom and creative routes surround me... I am just silly and shy I guess 
For this strange moment.

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