Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hanging Hula Hoop

This thing worked miracles on my back when I used it... I didn't know what I was doing but at one point in the beginning I was wearing my orange/red coat the color of one of those parrots and I started making that sound bc I seriously felt like a parrot perched on that thing. I wish I had one! I was able to hang and arch and  bend in unusual ways that felt pretty incredible to my joints and muscles. This isn't the best pic of the night on this but I like that nobody else's face came out in it. Spending today in bed, last day off in a while and I'm feeling like I deserve it since I always do things even when I'm not lol. Last night I cooked up a storm for guests and took them out w me and we got home early at 11pm it was great to be able to go home and bust up a midnight snack and watch some TV before going to sleep again. I felt invincible lol. I wish wishes came true more easily but everything takes it's time and energy so focus. Retrograde started again but I won't let it stop me from pushing for my pace. Here in this picture I was able to let go and trust my body to be balanced, the next thing I did was kick up my legs to wrap them above the top thing so I could hang like monkey bars and it slowly turns around in circles for everyone to see, your abs need to get u there... U have to push and even pull with your arms, then let go so your arms are on the bottom bar and u can use that to twist it around u, so that the bar in your hands is in front of u and behind u by what side of your head. You have to move and feel it out. Just like life, u can't stay in one place too long, life is movement, growth, persistence, always moving fwd. From here u can just go to he next place, the following step that feels right. And etc, etc.

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