Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pretty Beautiful...

It's like I can feel how together we all really are to one another in how we live, how in the deadness of dark I can hear the tiniest pin drop, a mans distant cough another ones laugh, the squeak of a door, a bell, I really just heard all that. So quiet it gets and to know we are all now asleep or those who just can't lol. I actually feel like I can soo sleep lol... Nothing interesting going on over here right now you guys... You might wana change the chanel LOL. Love Love Love Love Love you guys!!!!!!! Don't cuz I can't!  And I just heard laughs LOL I laugh at myself all day long and the rest of it I try to be in the moment :) Love peace and happiness we just had the holidays and its a NEW YEAR it's really what ever we want to make of it! It's all of us and that's pretty beautiful <3

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