Sunday, January 11, 2015


Worn out and overwhelmed so I took my family camping... Is anything sacred left? safe? 
Their are nearly
100 new GMO fruits and vegetables to be released -& the pipeline- . Gmo Eucalyptus trees are already being grown. There are glow in the dark rabbits & cats. Spermicidal corn. goats that produce lactate spider silk protein web. Salmon that grow 4 times faster. And thousands of other science experiments altering the world around us, mostly for profit, even human genes patented by companies over 1000 human genes... OMG GMO

Salmon in the Ocean and Farmed are both not good for you BC the ocean is full of radiation from Japan and the oil spill of the gulf. Farmed fish are eating GMO food

Russia stops importing GMO corn once they discover the CANCER RISK
Peru's congress approves a GMO Ban
POLAND bands GMO corn & potatoes
"We WANA know what we are eating!"
It's almost like the drug industry... We don't know what's in drugs... Now we don't know what's in food either. 

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