Friday, April 27, 2012

Just finished a WONDERFUL yoga class OMG. The teacher was a girl she was so lean and tan and long raggedy surf hair that can be tied into a knot on the top of her head. We had proper mats and pillows and some new foam rectangular block I have never used before. We were in a huge first class tiki facing a pool and beds with blowing white curtains and floating pillows with the waves crashing behind. I felt the strain and uncomfort from the beggining difficult poses but I kept telling myself that its all worth it in the end and to focus on my core strength and shift where I usually use muscles and stretching out my different muscles slowly with lots of focus and everything gets easier. My body losened and softened and released and she went over the chakras and we visualized a ying-yang below where each of us were sitting and put an intention and for some reason my first thought was to be more sexy LOL it was something about yin-yang right below my groin chakra that made me think to work more on myself and representing myself in a more feminine way, looking better and taking care of my body is also what I mean. Its because I am always so concerned with making everyone else look right and keeping track of so many things and wearing so many hats that I forget and opt for leggings and sneakers and a baggy tshirt. I just keep working towards wanting to be that beautiful blond I know deep down I am. :) The chakras let us to the top of our heads where we envisioned ourselves as a flower with many many petals, the circle of energy from our masters above that. Where we can always tap into to ask for help. This class was wonderful and I couldnt wait to sit down to write about it. The stress in my shoulders is gone and my spine feels elongated and upright. My abs feel more toned like more active. My face is relaxed and content and my legs long and beautiful. I am in Mexico, in the most beautiful ocean front resort called "Casita Inspiracion" where I have a photoshoot in a few days for a bikini campaign. The food is so fresh and healthy and I could stay here forever IF I had perfect internet connection ;) TAM

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