Monday, February 24, 2014

Post pretty

I feel like saying something will set a route  for a ride waving from heaven we have to be good to each other like angels high five-ing more hugging and generosity better than coins a silent powered mayhem. An infinity which must loop for endless it goes we can't see the matter of fact impossibility on paper yet maybe a point and out shines it's rays all lines w infinity to go, how can then it be measured as speed only from it's very start and is or could that point be a place we can stand on, like the solution to the mess we r in as a challenge or study on our time til we decide to actually DO SOMTHIN' so we keep sitting for a while we can interpret as weeks since time is an illusion... We them go from there.... We find that we r suddenly trapped behind bars and can't tap into the genie we will eventually have programmed into us and yet that advancement in our productivity would save us sooo much time and money and hassle that we would see the job losses about it, negative thoughts of comfort zone will hold us back it's energy and I know u know this by now! What did we think in the 1920's when ladies gossiped and became flappers and the movies and the parties and the underground lifestyle of the ppl,,, they were excited about like not afraid for their lives... Like simply bc we can go out spend a bunch of stupid ridiculous amount of cash and still something bad happens and then the worst is having a thing w cops since the drinking makes u worth nothing. I just Wana apologize to everyone for everything I Wana be awesome and I am saying "Peace be with You"'

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