Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shift of Consciousness...

I'm becoming more gentle and more closer to focusing on what makes me happy. It's so imp to do what u feel will make u more whole or better by not only instant gratification. There are versions of yourself and UR life's desicions impact that! Take any equation... it's just results like how u care for a plant... How u care for u has it's similarities if u na mean. So, I'm not a total genius, I'm just like u, I'm just wanting to write lol. It's not to do harm... It's not really for anything other than the "being" from a human... 
I don't have as much bullshit to say as I did... It's less BS for sure, more context, more fortunate, more awareness, more experience more diving into things for the chance of something great... If I don't do that I will never know. So it's experimental yes. I can get really excited about all these things I wana do but to actually do them, follow through... It takes a major devotion to UR idea and choosing and sacrificing your immediate a for a bigger bang u gona get as much as u put in. Put in your heart & brain and u got yourself a definite :) 
I'd like you to also try it. 
Or wherever u may be in life to be accepting to that place your in BC it's the results of your fortunes and misfortunes from the past that led you there. It's a blessing in disguise always... It's just humans that create these other things that are true sadness.. Not God. 
Don't blame the Universe!
The universe is just an equation of your together outcome geared by thoughts. So thoughts matter...  Energy keeps flowing and maybe changing... Don't believe that BC u did say something when u were angry that was negative and bad energy intended for a moment that it can't evolve when it's bounced around by positive... It's majority wins... A positive world w no problems isn't real... It's about solutions becoming tasks to accomplish. It's just trying your best to be a light in this world. It's even the little things! It's peace. It's laughs. It's creation, meaning, future capability for everything we do now will affect later... But accepting yourself if u do make a mistake... Mistakes aren't bad, they are the perfect lesson u needed to go through for a bigger plan. We should be less self centered but I never thought I was self centered at all... I have my ways to back up my nonsense since I'm not even sure where I'm going w it, it's kinda pure, it's the most realist thing I can offer of my existence... Many times not saying anything when so much else goes on. What are we supposed to do about the wars? Why can't they just get OVER IT? Why can't some body step it up and cross the border or break the wall and start hugging every person on the other side just out of straight sorrow and love for it's the only way to just make a new start... If they came together they could just stop seeing the line that divides them... They could become neighbors and show the world they can beat this never ending battle wo any combat. Somebody start the LOVE WAR! The sharing, caring, gifting, loving way of LETS JUST MOVE ON CUZ ITS THE WHOLE WORLD WATCHING a situation that is like brother sister fights when UR LIL LOL. Why? We have the power to stop doing all that we do just an easy shift of consciousness. Xoxox

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