Sunday, December 14, 2014

Seriorosity of Distinction...

I think I had a really good idea when I wanted ppl to show how they got to the idea... A place to show the journey of what one does (may I please ask that I don't sound like a bark) that the kids doing whatever they WANT to Do bee put in such focus that all that energy we think is getting wasted away... It's not! It really isn't... It's just that, we have to stop putting commas on our own language when it's looking like DROOL. And how nice and concise is it when it isn't pouring over to ruin the who knows what ... The unknown is not worth your voyage if you aren't going to know and remember we are all on jumpy jumper cables... A jumper cable is the best way to define it in a nutshell, it's a cocoon that actually gives birth so don't hate anything ever that gives birth commandment #1, the sloppy look of commas is going to be what always and forever the cause for my unable to define yet attempted to define way of life love everything is so beautiful. I want to punctuate the sentence w a an irrevocable feeling of... Of of of being the one who understands... I see the Of Of of of like ppl w backpacks... We are all traveling soldiers, we are all w our common compass, we don't have to have a perfect moment with each n every one of us yet really cuz we need to just remember that we will... So look at others knowing that an incredible moment can and ONLY can happen BC of this that being wonderful is a wonder in time and space and that we must love each other. We are friends and family no matter who we are!!! We are smart to get here and now we have accomplished something SOOO big it's apparently also fragil! Cuz remember, we just hated our lives!??!! Yea U did! U did U too ok and then so it's an energy to give kisses to... Every night just give kisses to the energy of what we create... Is that not simplified? I want U all to flourish, I want to accept everyone for who they are and with all their mistakes... I just want ppl to feel like it's ok now to come to a stillness and stop and realize that we are all hurting each other!??! We are just hurting one another too easily. So just let all the dots join to make a mud... A face mud pie... Slap it on you and look in the mirror.. A holy grail like reflection... And contemplate... All together we might turn to mud and ok fine it's dirty but it's us here and we choose what we WANA clean, what we want to happen. PLS bow your heads for a moment of silence... On my behalf and everyone since we are all connected... I want to send U all a letter of respect. A letter of love will be waiting.... I am waiting to love so fully that I forget to write it.

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