Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hello Citizens of HUMANITY! and whoever else can Reead... I am "happy go lucky" and not in an egotistical way, i reassure you... I DO KNOW what to do... I know whats right and whats wrong in Fact... I make mistakes like we all do... and I pick myself back up, close and open my eyes every so often and act on what we got... like improv! We are quite similar you see ;) thats why you can't think anything less of anybody else... bc NOBODY NOBODY is PERFECT PERFECT... and so is this life! like a piece of clay in your hand! and that clay can have a hot day and melt a bit and cooler temp and harden and your nervous hand can hold it hard and mush it or can be gentle with it and there you go... now you got the handle of it... to stay steady with it is something YOU need to remind yourself to do and sometimes you loose TOUCH with reality, with yourself,,, you might blame the cause but your the one holding that piece of clay in YOUR hand! you can't Blame anybody for that! lol its a pretty good analogy that NO i did not steal from anywhere and make it mine! NO I just felt like sharing that as I wrote and it occurred to me after a few of these first sentences... Idk why but Clay occurred to me and then it worked... just like a lot of things... and a lot of others don't... work. But I'm just trying to talk bc a lot of times Ive spoken about not cool context stuff and there I go having a cool context thing,.. never prepared may I add... Being prepared is part of being a great piece of clay in the hands of GOD... the right things are aligned to your favor... I like to remind you that we are all able to be prepared and non prepared but that its the effort and attempt at being THERE that does you the greatest... so wanting it and knowing what you want needs to be very clear... knowing what you want to make out of this clay can come from the unknowing and the unknowing PLAYING part allows you to feel around with what you GOT. You might have it all... you might think you do... but for example your in your room,,, your limited to whats in your room... like for a photo,,, for its background lol. or whats in the room to do, you can sleep, watch TV, organize your clothes again, talk on the phone, whatever! But if you leave your room... you have more options!!!!! :) so is the same for your bank account and all the things that may limit you. BUT lets remember that instead of focusing on your LIMITATIONS you need to THINK about what YOU DO HAVE... if you focus there you will be rewarded. thats a simple truth. a simple truth of GRATITUDE First off that if you can do Just that you will be rewarded triple fold in life, its almost guaranteed but is not an instant gratification type of gesture... so don't be foolish to think life itself is Fooled ;) OK so now, we are GreatFULL... once we are feeling that like a smile that won't go away even if you try to hold it in... then this funny thing happens... your stars may be aligned and your wishes might be reachable and your time and energy directed and working towards that goal will get clearer over time and things will open like pages turning in a book as you actually read it through... you are actually reading and digesting the words and pages and visuals and lessons of life and they are developing and unfolding the rest to you as each second of time and desire towards that goal goes by... I am happy your still here to read this bc that means you want to know what happens next, as you should. Love this game... Didn't always. Its not a steady path... It never will be always more to learn and never enough but also plenty and I don't need a thing Its what we make of it that matters I reach out to you as you reach out to me... Love Your Life, IT LOVES YOU BACK

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