Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Take Care...

I just videod myself talking for say 20mins... It's cuz writing would be way too much, way too much. I wouldn't wana put u through all that LLL. Instead of LOL I might just say LALALA :) looks more refreshing and it's understandable! 
I can't believe how time slips away... I can't! I guess we are living in the future but I want kinetic energy to charge my phone already so I'm in my idea of the past still LALALA  no, that didn't work. Lol
Spent the night with my mom at a Jazz club Monday nights at the Sofitel is pretty special with Grammy award winning artists like this one dude was insane... Sadly I forgot his name but u can find out... I know u can. 
Taryn Manning was there, I found some dude she was with' phone bc I sat in a 'RESERVED' chair which was huge and covered in velvet, it did feel too good to be true, totally... But I saw her way later and she was with the guy... Who cares anyway, I kinda want to mention the part where I should have introduced myself and given her my card and told her I would customize her a bag... She is a celebrity... Just when I looked at her while she was singing, she closed her eyes and kept singing... So I never felt to try again... I'm shy in a way... U know what? It's like ppl on the st don't look at each other... It's a think I did in NYC to give ppl their SPACE! And now I'm interpreting it differently altogether, it also happens when I'm vending!!!!!! So I'm vending my bags, the bags! Our bags! The beautiful TAMBONITA bags!!!! Handmade with so much love from an artist collective!!!! And I notice that sometimes pls eyes are just looking for what they are looking for! So say, I need a T-shirt to wear tonight... My eyes will scan the streets and only look for that and leave everything else which is allllll hard work for all types of people, artists, brands trying to get your attentions. Etc! And you are just going to draw in what u have told yourself your looking for! That's why being aimless and getting somewhere is in response to your inner core alignment unfortunately it's not always a pleasant outcome! But sometimes with setting INTENTIONS!!! U MANIFEST!!! What u are REALLY WHOLEHEARTEDLY LOOKING FOR! I hope we all find ourselves and the life we wish become REAL, it's almost there... We just have to embellish it and support the things that are! I made a super long like 20min video of me talking which I would like to create a good SETUP for in my house to do more often... I just want to talk sometimes and I really do find comfort in writing... I have a lot to learn and better richer more fabulous things to say but underneath it all... When u have nothing left at all... When I had NOTHING left at all... I saw beauty in what my desperation was and my ultimate dream for myself and this world really stemmed from that... I went to the bottom. I described what the dream was from THERE... And then it happened, just like that... One foot in front of the other and that's the reason how everyone and everything is wherever it is. I'm an independent type of girl that really loves people and being a part of stuff, I respect ppl, I love ppl, I contribute, I don't mean to really hurt anybody, I act out of impulse maybe too often but I do it bc I can and its fun... I think life is too short! I think the days are getting shorter and time keeps on slippin' so I don't care about making a total fool of myself bc their is way more good that outweighs the bad in me, believe me. It's bc my parents are great, my brother my sister, my grandmother sososososo my grandma! All my grandparents were GREAT! My dads grandpa worked in marble... I love rocks and healing stones and he was an architect! I think I got a lot from that visual creative part, my dads mom Bita was a piano teacher amoungst many other things... She was so good with children, me, I spent so much time laughing and singing and playing and learning Spanish childhood games with her... And my cousins. My brother is so intelligent... He's a Gemini... I love him to death and just want him to soften for ME, for me only and whoever his wife;). My sister so full of talent is a wonderful mother of two now, her kids go to show who she IS, her determination, discipline (I'm lacking some) her in the kitchen! She is perfection, she also needs to soften up. My parents are high strung, passionate, political, open-minded! They have taught me so much! I am the one who is softest, right in the middle! And then others think I am the one w hard edges? To me that's funny. I am super soft, I am feminine, I am silly, goofy, full of flaws but NOT! Everything can be fixed... Should we fix it all is the question??? Lol! 
I want to pour my love into the world so it's so full it bursts and it pulses with harmony! :)

Oh, good night. 

Take care ok?

Take care.

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