Friday, October 9, 2015

High Hopes...

It's a lot of pressure and perhaps imagination and together it can build into a fairytale story that you dream of but you also know that the only way this is going to happen right is if I make it happen right and what's right and what's wrong and who writes this crap anyway? I can't stand this girl but I love her too fyi. 
I hate making anybody upset, not supposed to happen, sucks. My feeling tonight is with strong desire to exemplify some GREAT advancement lol. OMG so over myself Ahh! I do this for fun to find some any answer in me, in the humanity that I choose to express. It's all quite comical yet I really wish the world was a better place l feel the pressure to be better, way better, I'm not even that close to what I envision for the future. I feel a bit rejected tonight by the way it's q strong word I know but I'm ok, I'm super strong, like a shield of armer. I want to make the world a better place and in a greater way, because we can..

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