Monday, December 28, 2015

Goodie two shoes...

Their are some people that I can't hang out with, maybe we just don't click or maybe your not the vibe I'm
Looking for? Maybe I don't have time to make you see life the way I do and deal with the giving and giving to something which sucks my energy instead of what is magnetically & synchronized. 
I do what I do bc I choose to. You don't need to judge it and u may not understand it but I do things and I win some and I lose some and in the end I gain more from what I do that if I didn't. I am at a place where I appreciate me and I'm the one who really always needed to. As looking for approval from others never covers everyone and you won't be happy. We do things to feel better about ourselves and that has to do with getting closer to your dream and this is your journey nobody else's yet don't interfere w others' instead it's about boosting one another. Goodnight and Goodlife are our friends, let's keep it that way. ;)

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