Saturday, April 30, 2016

No idea

Looking for the beat of my drum, and drumming, looking for the beat of my inner feminine sweet side that's filled with love, an over abundance of love to fill you with it and heal you with it almost instantly! Like VOILA! JUST CUZ! Mmmhhhmmmm hahaha omg I'm not saying I'm a channeler but I will say I'm pretty ridiculous sometimes and I know better so I don't know why I do stuff to just do it and go with it and post it right away cuz I can't contain myself lol. Im just like me really and it shows like I'm not being smart about this at all at all lol. Im sabotaging myself left and right always and forever but for what? I haven't the clue. But I'm admitting to it, something that is again stupid to do and say and unnessary and so why again? Right. I have a million reasons for my reasons of reasons to reason and reason is reasonable reasoning to me u see lol 

I'm a pretty chill person in general I just like to talk about something even if it's nothing I wana talk about something. I really wish I could bless this world with like the cleansing from the power of nature to take control of the situation and to just observe and learn from it and respect it and to use its natural resources wisely like mature adults that are aware of the repercussions that any damage would do to our Earth, even the slightest. And to intuitively know and allow freedom amongst us all. That we live together happily and with each other as alibis from the simple fact of survival and to live in Peace as peaceful warriors and humanity . 

I went crazy at the AT&T store a little bit ago and seriously made a huge scene and yelled bc I couldn't wait longer for the dude to get back to me... Can u imagine that ? I am listening to neighbors yell some heavy metal and now it's quiet and I'm feeling like an idiot for EVER YELLING EVER BITCHING IF ITS NOT FOR LIKE UMMMMM I HATE THAT I COULD EVER LOSE MY TEMPER AND NOT JUST FUXKING LEARN TO KEEP IT COOL BRO. Why u Gota go and do dat love huh? Lol. 

Gotta go! Bye

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