Wednesday, May 3, 2017

O what fun...

My computer was all messed up for a while and I used the time to catch up on other things... I was doing well actually... for a moment really well and today the doubts rolled back in but the good news is that Mercury is getting out of Retrograde tonight... or already did... so I wanted to write again. I am planning a long morning bike ride tomorrow morning :) with two other friends. I have SO MUCH to tell you. My God. First of all another Public apology for anything I might have said or done wrong in the past... Its just me really trying to clear the air... I don't know why Im SO Apologetic! I don't mind it, for me its the truth of how I feel... apparently different from most other amazing people of TODAY. I have so much to be grateful for and so many great attributes that I do know I am OK, I do feel like I finally like who I am in a different way, like the woman I want to be is really in there and that Im just discovering what she's like and who I want to be. I like who that is and I can envision her and she will only come fwd and alive if I make some huge decisions... Really huge... I think I have to really really change and the thing is, I have been changing and all for the better and yet so much more to do! Im going to have dinner now and come back to writing tomorrow :)

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