Tuesday, May 3, 2011


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SUILTSOY's Always & Never List
(Bear in mind, my most literal readers, all rules can be bent & broken when the occasion calls for it.)

Never underestimate the power of a crisp, white shirt.
Always wear mascara.
Never wear anything with a hood when you want to be taken seriously.
Always remember that the tailor and the dry cleaner exist for a reason.
Never restrict yourself to one fashion identity. You're not simply a prep, boho, hipster, tomboy, or girlie-girl. I promise.
A man's watch will always look classic and sexy on a woman's wrist.
When in doubt, always choose over-dressed.
A good red polish will always look appropriate on fingers and toes.
Never combine bold lips with intense eye make-up. It's one or the other.
You can never have too many pairs of shoes.
Even with a designer label, flip-flops are always just flip-flops.
A black pump is never just a black pump; it is magical and powerful. Choose wisely.
There is always an alternative to Uggs.
Never apologize for spending too much money on pretty underpinnings.
Always wear pretty underpinnings.
Never wear sweats in public.
Never buy it if you don't love it.
Always accentuate your favorite feature.
Never accentuate all your features at once.
Always expect that a clothing item whose name is a hybrid of two things will not last.
Never be afraid to completely ignore a trend; or to embrace it if it makes you feel good.
One should always have a signature. Whether it's a scent, a watch, hairstyle, whatever. Pick one thing that defines your style and own it.
There's never an excuse for Ed Hardy.
Always keep in mind that your skirt length says more about you than you think it does.
Perhaps your mother isn't always right, but she's no fool. Listen up.
Never ignore your instincts.
Always know the difference between being polite and being fake.
Good manners are always in fashion.
Never chew gum while having a conversation.
The best accessory is always a confident smile.
Never be ashamed to care about clothes and looking sharp more than 99% of the population.
Try never to judge someone solely on their appearance, but expect others to do it to you.
Always let your outward appearance be a reflection of your respect for yourself and others.
Never let the Internet tell you who you are or what you should wear. You are your own, free-thinking person, & you are capable of great things. So dress like it.

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