Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When I was young...

I found an old video! Its my brother Rodrigo and I when we were young, skiing (on a swing set) in Switzerland LOL. We are 3 yrs apart and he is graduating from a bachelor of something like communication sciences with a major in film and a minor in international studies. For his graduation present I made a video of him when we was a kid so I had to look through all the old vids and thank God my boyfriend Paul and his brother Steven helped in converting everything after I picked the parts I wanted. This was a video I found that proves I spoke British English as a kid! My first language was Spanish and I learned English though British schools and then attending school in London for second grade at Hill House where supposedly the prince went, (not sure which prince).

Ive told this story before but nobody really believed me since I talk and act like a Miami girl now, sadly, so I say "like" and "whatever" and all those stupid words that just take space on this blog but I used to be very proper and well educated until I moved here.

Tonight at a delicious dinner at "Pubbelly" (,+FL&cid=5127594769188928365) in Miami Beach the old Shiso on Purdy Ave. Paul and I spoke about our young life going to middle school and highschool and all the changes we went through getting shoved into a new school or even a new country! It was full of mixed reviews... pros and cons about all of our experiences but def the bad things were the highlights and usually we speak really positively but we are also just very honest ppl! So, anyway this video is really cool for me to find and share

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