Friday, December 30, 2011

Mr. Brainwash...

Passing on La Brea I saw a huge line around the block full of ppl waiting to see Mr. Brainwash's 2 story building Graffitti art installation with give aways like posters of his work and postcards etc. The place looked like a barn w collages on life sized animals and blue spray paint coming out of an elephants trunk as he blew out air. Everything was massive and a total information over load! Taking pop culture and throwing it up in the air and seeing what lands on a canvas. Every corner had a theme and he even incorporated projections on top like his Steve Jobs dungeon shrine w old Apple computers and a murky green wavy projection on top or portraits of musicians made of broken records in an area w the largest boombox known to man and an actual old wooden piano records all over the floor. Upstairs spray paint cans bigger than your entire fridge, old furniture and Count Bessie swing music echoed through the high ceilings and broken windows of the demolished building entirely wheat pasted and tagged by every street artist in town. It was line after line packed with a chance to get a poster signed by the artist himself. The show has been extended fortunately for who ever is reading this and in the LA area... Open Jan 1&2 too... Look him up if you need details.


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