Thursday, December 8, 2011

OCCUPY Shoot today...

Today I shot with photographer Don Sercer where we did a "Mock-Occupy" mockcupy? (Lol omg I see a palindrome!)
I was inspired by the state of emergency we are all experiencing and now finally the ppl are protesting but they aren't even allowed to and are getting arrested for 'free speech?' it's crazy... All over the country every major city we are seeing ppl camped out with their tents living on the streets in front of their government yelling or with signs or simply coming together to discuss the problems and OUR future. "WE ARE THE 99%" t-shirts for sale, the newspapers, the non-news coverage, the harmless peaceful protesters being man-handled by overly authoritative/violent police!
I rode my bike through Los Angeles' Occupy Movement 3 times then one day I suddenly see a picture in an article on the Internet showing the Occupy LA and it was whiped out clean nobody there... I read more and learned that everyone, even passerby's were arrested one evening. The place was a mess, tents everywhere, debris all over the trees etc.
This led to creating this exact set for a PHOTOSHOOT which we just shot today and it was a lot of fun.
Can't wait to share more.

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