Saturday, December 15, 2012

Truly Tams

Laying in my closet, like some strange girl might do not in a bad way but def a strange way... All this clothes, it must cover up the simplicity of life.. We got ourselves here but boy do I love to wear the right outfit and no the same one practically never; that's me. It's almost like a fashion blogger except I look like shit most of the time ;) well I'm a lot like u, I'm normal. I'm lazy, I'm about comfort... I have an idea... A way to control the speed of songs on our iPhone like a DJ would... So u can make any song correspond to what mood u need, what pace ur walking.. We deserve it all at our fingertips. I also need a dispensary for the dog food and a timer drop into the dog plate for Roxy to have a scheduled life I get over songs bc I listen to the one I love a million times. I don't even know why I have a blog, who cares.
I'm never alright I guess if I keep being like this cuz this isn't who I Wana be but it's not an internal problem, it's an external frustration I think. I've wanted an advisor or a mentor but never got one, imagine. The song playing matters so much cuz now it's CutCopy and I feel like I'm ok again... It's all so superficial.. Shooting spring summer in December and acne patients taking acutane and Botox to freeze your forehead and thank you sorry excuseme it's all very time consuming so yea maybe we should look inward... But the stuff is all created by us supposedly to help us too not just to make money but to become an expert and have the option for the things u may want or need and it's all about finding out who's best, who cares and and not ripping one another off by selling antibiotics to cure a disease but by giving the proper advice and maybe it's about knowledge but then it's also FREE TO BE THE HAPPY YOU.. Like the beach and hiking and eating raw and then your glowing so u get hired anywhere u want cuz it's all in your head. Your head is a compass I've always said. Your head is a compass not a thermometer cuz it's not about what temperature u like its about where ur headed so u sacrifice the now for what is best to get u then there but pls eat a cupcake (my god or nobody will like u) it's a "zag" they say Tony _______ and he also recommends colonics LOL. I can't say it. I'm still in my closet. Went to Yoga yest. TAMBO truly <3

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