Sunday, January 13, 2013

Looking DOWN...

I would like some silence, so I can think. I would like to write down my thoughts. My dog is growling at me... she must be trying to say something aslo. I want to say something too... Im supposed to write, Im supposed to write down my thoughts., thats what Ive been trying to do always,,, so that i can see what i really say. I realized something=I dont say much but its bc I dont read enough... I listen to a lot of ppl TALK... I read bullshit, magazines, blogs, things of interest and not enough time is spent on reading something that takes my, thoughts away, to another dimension, to realize something that will elevate me, us. that's the best thing. But then I think about what we miss while we all look into our little devices... our phones. We are always looking DOWN. we are always looking DOWN. we look down and miss anything that happens UP most of the time... those visiting our planet are lucky we are so stupid... only if we all looked up, the fact that nothing out there would ever slip us by! Well, we all look DOWN. We all look DOWN. We are all always looking DOWN!!!!!! Love u, Pls look up more, Love, TAM

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