Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Blankets...

I love what I'm seeing, just not so much what I'm feeling. Something makes me feel trapped, like trapped together all of us. We need to pick up the blanket that we are and make this big new bed of Earth we are on. A little fresh air underneath us, to blew away what's trapping us down. That would be a nice like jump and some energy and some hope and some new beginning shit! Whoop!
I'm happy because I'm making sure I'm happy. I might be unhappy if I thought I was though hahaha...
So hard to keep track of everything but that's who we are, what we all do, how we relate really and why we should understand we are all on the same team!
Bc even if not, we are.
I hope things begin to brake all barriers. And that they r accepted for what they are... We need NEWNESS! We need ppl to create new love, new forms of love, to show love, to be love, loving. And the rest will be to make the love look even more lovely.

(-I didn't want to go to that anyway-)

We should go only where we truly want to go, we should be open to knowing where that leads us... Or we will never know

Lets try our best more and find out...

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