Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sky in the Sky

Been working on a collage for Jean Farrell, SKY's mom. I used the last portrait Sky uploaded on her IG that happened to be a shot from 2006 I took of her when we hung out at my old apt in NYC. I hadn't seen the picture in all these years and she suddenly left this life, #ripskyfarrell I am in a bit of delusion and feel a bit lost having to accept this. I hadn't seen her in years and we chose to "loose touch" or "go our own ways" BC we weren't on the same page of life anymore although she was constantly in my thoughts BC she was a huge part of my life. I always asked the same ppl who were in contact w her, how she was doing. I now have resentment for not calling her everytime I simply thought of her. Sky that I knew had evolved into a different version and it wasn't the same but it was also very much the same deep down inside. Anyway, the Vicious Skylicious was what she chose for herself and I didn't connect w the street cred gangster thing basically cuz I wasn't as drawn to it. I sold art at galleries, I made art myself, I was more drawn to the fashion world but of course so was she and everything overlapped so we just went slightly different ways the only difference might have been how we prioritized the order to our hobbies BC in fact they were always quite similar. I was really impressed to see her latest work on her website BC she has come such a long way as a young artist herself I must say. Since her passing of a stroke, now a week later, I have devoted some time to create something for her mom, a collage w that portrait of her from the photo I took in 2006 seemed to be one she liked and perfect to be remembered by since she looks so holy and so non vicious as the later Sky indeed enjoyed being. Her art is definitely worth having a look at, it's nothing like mine... Mine has so much more order to it and hers so intense and her signature art drips really put so much texture and depth, I enjoy seeing her joys in her work... She was so rich in image and color and the juxtaposing of rigid cuts of paper vs the softness of a teardrop of paint all smudged in and combined together give this hands on feeling of art that I so love. My portrait of her is for her mother to cherish BC Sky was my best friend as young little girls and roommates in boarding school. Something very bonding we went through... And so much more. I wanted to add a rose symbolic of beauty and nature to her plump gorgeous lips BC it's a reminder for me and everyone to speak beauty or nothing at all. Since she is gone its important for me to change in someway from who I was before this happened and this is One of the ways I intend to make a change and it will be difficult to do and as usual easy enuf to say. The image exudes a sense of peace now for me to look at when wo it it's not a peaceful thing to know that she won't ever be back... So I added all the beauty I could to her crown BC I know how much she loved nice things, luxury, gems, gold, things that shined... She also is a wonderful shining star who is finally at peace somewhere in the Sky... And hopefully she helps us have the peace we need here on Earth. Love u baby girl.

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