Friday, June 26, 2015

It's going to be OK...

So the friggin merge of everything like a soup, what's it lookin like? I'm talking to the all seeing eye which is us, what do we think it looks like and how that affects us... 

It's really bad, it's really bad I know... I know I know I know... I can't think about the past now, not now... But so why is that how we find truth in a story? We say well it all started like this... Bla bla and make a point to pick a side. The side we pick depends on the whole story... What if the whole story ... What if U knew these ppl before U actually "got to know them" U didn't have to go through that bc it was something that U could see already happen like in a movie... Movies are pretty amazing, painting pictures of stories in our heads like that. But my pictures mine and yours your bits a pieces of the full spectrum. Hmm. I'd consider myself bold. But not bc I really really AAM bc you can get to know that I'm kinda soft but can be mean I guess and love people like all this is like a puzzle, I am a puzzle U r a puzzle we are a puzzle and all the pieces are everywhere and we start constructing ourselves out of this mess in order to clean it up and make sense of it like as if every single letter is out there in the sky to choose from and I'm typing these very ones... That is so weird to me and that I am writing as I'm actually thinking and that I have shown U my ugly thoughts even. Like who does what? Who would like think it's ok to like let go and let go LOL like leg go... I saw I missed spelled let go and I fixed it then wrote it for U again... So that yes U can see that leg go fits in a bit too. In deed it does. Feels like we just climbed a mountain bc it was a mountain of truth. That's all I'm ok about lol. That sometimes that's the fundamental part. And then to remember that we all pop in and out of here... Of each others presence. The best is that person whom U never want to leave their side. I feel like I'm 2 ppl and w ROXY we are like 8 total... Up at 9am tomorrow I had that strong coffee again! And I'm just pumped about life being more of a game now lol k catch YA later lol -)

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