Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hello Hello Echo Echo...

It's almost midnight and I'm almost asleep...sometimes, many times, this was too early for bed... I'm getting closer to who I want to be. I put a minted clay mask on my face as I lay in bed and pet little Roxy, it's like my fingers are always tied to either work, driving or of course this phone. I think she's started to give me the eye every time I'm on it... Like as if I've been her in another life and I remember what it must feel like to be a dog and always see your stupid owner typing away at thei little device and I prayed she'd get off it LOL. I have an evil eye necklace staring down at me hung on a wall next to my bed that my Godfather gave me, I hope it's working. Sometimes I can feel other ppl quite strong, like feel people's energy wo even having to talk to them. I know it's possible BC it's been quite coincidental. Like I imagine something BC I feel it and it turns out to be right on point: I already know what ppl MUST think of me BC all they have to judge is what I literally put out there... Sometimes I wonder just how much they know. It doesn't bother me, it's just interesting to wonder about things. Like everyone has their own perspective but judging doesn't really work BC one day can be good and another can be bad... U can't say I'm good or I'm bad. I'm both! Lol so Are You! I've been drawn to being happy, to just go on my direction, that what I'm doing is my calling, that at least I'm doing a lot and that I like what I'm doing I just need to pair up with somebody who believes in this as much as I do. "It takes a village" Still no ticket in hand but I'm determined to make it out there because next year I need to make an installation piece for 2016 and I envision it so MAJESTIC! Like everything about it is going to be beautiful... I'm just having a little problems with choosing my exact materials. 
This year I'm going to be camped in the outskirts and going to create my little haven. I'm bringing my car, tent, an area rug, I have a chandelier made of old mother of pearl looking circular shells some of it already broken from rattling in the wind of a flea market. I want to bring a piece of my chain art and will probably get some help from the artists as a piece of art they helped create for the 2015 Burn! I have to jazz up my car too somehow. I hope my brother makes it, I don't know what he'll think of it and my prancing around in costume but he'll just have to see it to believe it LOL. I have nothing to hide, I just want to find the connections that make life worth living. Ppl you appreciate and to be appreciated  is all. Classes, worshops, TED talks, ART, hugs, weather changes, bike riding, I'm for it all... I'm just more experienced now and I will take what I want, leave what I don't, leave the place better than how I found it and make sure to contribute to the greater good of humanity by actually being me instead of somebody else. 
Endlessly grateful for the listening ear, if I yell it too loud it echoed and bounced back at me... So this way it's silent and only a thought and once a thought is thought it's like a purge is it not? We'll see... Love always, Tammy

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