Friday, December 2, 2016

Speak... easy


Asking my angels to help me as I looked down on a pinkie ring I bought at a spiritual shop that was silver w a black stone. I picked the black stone to protect me, I heard from my mother that that's what it does. I added it to my collection of healing stones, Pablo santo sticks and a handmade dream-catcher I planned to put in my living room area to match w the color theme of wood, baby blue rug, white walls, brown couch and pops of orange it was becoming. I was in San Fran for Thanksgiving and it was really fun exploring the cities neighborhoods while scouting the shops that I found possible for my TAMBONITA handbags. 

On a plane after much hustle and leaving my wallet behind for my initial flight... just some ridiculousness, I tell ya! 

Looking down at my little ring on my pinkie I touched it and asked for help, when suddenly the ring was a deep red! It wasn't black it was actually a dark ruby red when I look now and so it's changed! It either changed or I was wrong about it all along. With my vision and wish I envision the very spiritual people who worked at the store and how their pace in life was like calm and serene like nothing can get them out of the flow of life they were in. It was flowing not jolting. It was calm not flustered or rushed. It was peaceful not full of anxiety. This is sort of what I asked for myself when I envision what I want for myself. 

To me the color of the right doesn't matter if it changed or not but that it's a sign of having to move just a bit slower to be able to fully tell the exact color instead of believing it was black to begin with. The color now being red is going to symbolize that it's the color of love although green is the heart chakra we have blood pumping through our veins and it is all inside of us. Red is rich & romantic and sexy and when your sexiest you move slowly. May this story help you and inspire you to look at things instead of just see them. To slow down bc it's the rhythm of a flowing river we must flow with and not anything more. Let's help each other find our unified Rythm. ❤️️🙏🏼✨

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