Thursday, December 8, 2016


I feel like I love you guys and I'm so glad that in whatever way this IS, we r connected... that I'm happy this exists like I'm happy that drones are for our own benefit at this moment and that I'm outnumbered when I wana speak my mind and that I wana talk to you guys and that I'm here wondering sometimes maybe why the heck is it like this and why am I always shocked and somehow sometimes not happy bc I'm ok, I'm happy I think as a person but I'm also dealing with the same over all pressures u all are and how I'm just gona keep trying my best... well I just wana say thank you all for being involved in my life and if your not it's alright bc thank you for not. Thank you anyway for whoever you are and I will always accept you.. don't worry ever again... nothing is ever THAT worth getting down about. Be floaty, be free, be happy easily... #winterblossom #dontworry #behappy #love

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