Saturday, November 19, 2011

Melrose... Los Angeles...

Was taken shopping at vintage thriller WASTELAND on Melrose Ave. yesterday! Bought 3 pairs of killer shoes to add to my collection :) I will take pictures of them and post promptly... a red skirt for work, a silver sweater dress by Kate Moss for Topshop and burgundy jean shorts w rips that fit me perfectly so I can pile w tights and thigh highs and concert t's or wear w an untucked collared shirt :)

After that we walked down to JAPAN LA a pop culture shop where I got a super cute black patent leather IPad case w hot pink fuzz on the inside! and of course a little stationary book by Sentimental Circus bc it had the cutest illustrations! It makes me think that each piece of paper is so special that I should think before I write a bit more than i usually do.

After that I went to the most amazing new hidden spot that I bet not even the locals know about yet... its called SPREAD. You can see more on the website bc its not just a peanut butter spread shop... they have restaurants and even a private club you can join which gives out their secret recipies! These little jars of "spread" are of gourmet different flavors of peanut butter where we were treated like royalty when we were privately guided through the flavors of 'white chocolate cantaloupe' and 'dark chocolate lavender' they even put real gold and silver flakes in one... wow right! You must see for yourself!!!

Keeping us posted

Til next time!


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